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Slash.ten the customer experience agency


Stars for
your business

Finding the right talent for your business can be challenging. There are many recruitment agencies out there, but we believe few are as engaged in the task as we are. We’re focused on finding the best people within service, hospitality, and events.

See how we recruited for ASCARO Padel & Social (in Swedish)

Trusted by some of the worlds best brands:
Björn Borg - Slash.ten the customer experience agency
ASCARO - Slash.ten the customer experience agency
CHIMI - Slash.ten the customer experience agency

The home of
true talent

Slash.ten has a large community with long-lasting relations to talents with experience in sales, service, retail, and events. We help you find top talent for your business through a proven and renowned process. Over the years, we’ve helped 100+ companies run stores, offices, and pop-ups and recruited more than 1000 stars.




People in our community.

Companies have used our services.

Hired candidates.

Our process

Step 1


We’re looking for true stars behind the resumes. All candidates send a video presentation besides their resumes and personal letters.

Step 2

Personality tests

Before welcoming candidates to an interview, we want to test their values and personalities. Therefore, all applicants complete our well-proven personality- and logic tests.

Step 3


If the candidate gets through the first two steps, we will hold a tailored tryout. It can be an interview at our office or work-out in the gym depending on what we want to test. 

We are where you are

Wherever in Sweden, you’re looking for stars, chances are, we´re there too.

We know what works

Slash.ten has, during the years, opened, staffed, and operated more than 100 stores, showrooms, receptions, events, etc. The fact that we did personality tests on several thousand people and recruited more than 1000 stars has led to us knowing what kind of personality traits work well in service-related environments. These are the traits that stand out in Slash.ten stars:



Are more sociable and more energetic. These individuals love to meet other people, attend after-work, and have more contacts than others on their phones.



Are more compassionate. These people are there for you in good and bad times. They always have a shoulder to lean on.

Choose what's
right for you

One holistic process.


10 000 SEK/job


10 000 SEK/job

Whole process

Custom pricing

Advertise and receive candidates from our community consisting of +11k, personality-tested and connected people.

Interviews and reference-taking are included.

We take full responsibility throughout the whole recruitment process.

Setting up candidate-profile.

Design of job-advertisement.

Advertising on our job-platform
and external channels.

Up to 10 candidates.

Visual presentations incl. Video.

All previous steps, plus

Dedicated project leader.

Up to 5 digital interviews

We customize the whole process for your need.

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