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Slash.ten for brands.

Great brands are built through great consumer experiences

We believe outstanding consumer experiences are what differentiate good from great brands. Physical spaces is a fantastic platform for creating engagement, strengthening your cx and building your brand.

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Turning fans into communities.

Great brands are built through strong and genuine relationships. These brands understand the need of stepping into the cultural space and real-world person-to-person connection.

Learn from the pioneers

How Tanrevel launched their new product

Learn more of how Slash.ten can help build your brand and gain true consumer engagement.

shaped for
every need

We are experts in customer experiences, and we aim for being 10/10 in everything we do.

Hence our name, Slash.ten!

Even more customer experience stories

See what our customers are doing to increase brand value, engagement and strengthening the relationship to their consumers.

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VANMOOF - Slash.ten the customer experience agency
VAN MOOF - Slash.ten the customer experience agency
’’Extremely professional and forward thinking. They were of tremendous help in our rollout for Scandinavia in 2020.''

Pim Vallenga, VAN MOOF

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