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It’s never been easier to
operate your pop-up store

Are you thinking of a concept store, a showroom or any other physical space but lacking the knowledge, time or network? We are a pop-up agency that can assist you with everything you need. We can help you in all steps, from scouting locations, and conceptualizing the space, to operating it with a qualified team.

See how we recruited for ASCARO Padel & Social (in Swedish)

Trusted by some of the worlds best brands:

Specialized in
service stars

Slash.ten has a large community with long-lasting relations to talents with experience in sales, service, retail, and events. We help you find top talent for your business through a proven and renowned process. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies run stores, offices, and pop-ups and recruited more than 1000 stars.

Our process.

We identify your need, conditions, and ambitions. What do you have already today? What is needed? What's the purpose? What resources do you have? What guidelines exist? Time-perspective? Budget? Etc


We summarize the screening and make sure we've understood the mission, character, and objectives. The purpose of the de-brief is to make sure we share the understanding around the project and stand on the same platform in our continuous work. In this face, we will calculate the total cost/price.


At this stage, we set the project in theory. We present our proposals on how to execute the different parts that are specified in the de-brief. We create an overall strategy, mood-board and begin the dialog with our partners. In this phase, we agree on what we will make, all the way down to the small details


Entering the execution stage means making sure our concept becomes a reality. Through strong project management, we transform words into actions.  

Vår process

Trusted by some of the worlds best brands.

We believe experiences are what differentiate good brands from great brands. Physical spaces will be the primary platform for creating engagement, strengthening your CX and building your brand. We are specialized in doing this, especially through retail, events, pop-ups and other places where physical meetings take place.

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