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Transformative retail experiences redefined


Crafting exceptional retail at Nordiska Kompaniet

In the heart of Stockholm, at NK, Slash.ten is responsible for ensuring that the customer experience goes beyond transactions for the Danish brand NN07. Founded by friends in 2007, NN07 strives to redefine the modern-casual wardrobe. Although being a Copenhagen-based brand, this is of little importance to the mission and existence of NN07. NN means No Nationality, and the brand firmly believes in personalities, not nationalities.


Our team, meticulously chosen through interviews, personality assessments, case studies, and role-playing, is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer interactions and exceptional service in line with NN07's vision. Operating as the only NN07 store in Stockholm, our daily and weekly follow-ups, guided by Slash.ten's retail prowess, focus on achieving stellar KPIs.


Our collaboration with NN07 extends beyond the store's walls. We organize engaging activities like training sessions, after-work gatherings, and lectures, fostering team bonds that resonate with NN07's commitment to personalities over nationalities. At Slash.ten, we are proud to contribute to NN07's mission of redefining the modern-casual wardrobe, making the NN07 store at NK not just a retail space but a destination for exceptional experiences.

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