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Transformative retail experiences redefined


Pioneering pop-up success at Nordiska Kompaniet

NK Stage, nestled within the iconic Nordiska Kompaniet, transcends the conventional notion of retail spaces. It's not just a space; it's a pop-up powerhouse revolutionizing physical retail. As per NK's description, NK Stage is a curated platform for brands and experiences within fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, making temporary appearances at NK. With exclusive releases, exciting experiences, and a unique assortment, NK Stage is designed to be a constant source of surprise.


Slash.ten's dedicated project manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operations of NK Stage, handling everything from onboarding and offboarding to nurturing strong relationships with featured brands. Our committed team of stars stands ready to not only manage but elevate the space, amplifying brand presence during their tenure at NK Stage.


At Slash.ten, we like to see NK Stage as a way to redefine retail, offering brands more than just a physical space – but also provide a dynamic platform to launch campaigns, test products, and create a lasting impact.


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