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Elevating co-retail at Mall of Scandinavia

Slash.ten takes pride in being a part in steering the co-retail revolution at Mall of Scandinavia, overseeing the operations of over 40 brands under the co-x umbrella in collaboration with Unibail Rodamco. Depart-a-mental, a unique concept owned by co-x, is not merely a retail space; it's a dynamic hub of diverse brands, and we manage its daily operations through a store manager and a team assisted by the Slash.ten organization.


Depart-a-mental, as described by its creators, is a collective of actors coming together to create something special. It's a unique store, a digital marketplace in a beautiful physical space. Welcome to pass by and meet our brands.


With a team of dedicated stars, we ensure that every day at Depart-a-mental is an experience in itself. Our commitment extends beyond the traditional retail setting, creating an environment where brands thrive, and customers indulge in a unique shopping adventure.


At Slash.ten, we redefine retail, and Depart-a-mental embodies our dedication to crafting a retail experience that goes beyond expectations.

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