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Shaping trends, creating experiences.

Slash.ten like to see our partnership with Chimi Eyewear's as a a dynamic collaboration dedicated to help when needed and amplify their retail presence. Founded in Stockholm in 2016, Chimi is driven by the vision of creating eyewear, ready-to-wear, and accessories engineered for a fearless lifestyle. Imagined through the lens of futuristic simplicity, wearability, and aesthetical longevity, Chimi products inspire wearers to capture every aspect of modern active life.


Slash.ten's and Chimi have a throughout the years collaborated in many ways, such as additional manpower, assisting in recruitments when needed, and also played a part in shaping Chimi's retail strategy. But our commitment doesn't end there.


Slash.ten has assisted in captivating pop-up experiences for Chimi, strategically placing them in exciting locations such Adam and Albin on ÖN. Together, we turned summer days into a spectacle, seamlessly aligning Chimi with the vibrant atmosphere of restaurants, bars, and events, creating an immersive brand narrative that goes beyond the traditional retail setting.


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