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Elevating retail excellence for Aim'n in Stockholm

At Slash.ten, we were honored to be responsible for the store operations at the Aimn concept store at Kungsgatan in Stockholm. Aimn, a Swedish activewear brand created by women, for women, holds a profound mission – to inspire and motivate women globally towards an active lifestyle while fostering self-belief and the pursuit of dreams. It resonates with us at Slash.ten and we wanted to focus on creating a vibrant hub of human connection and exceptional service.


We handpicked a dynamic and enthusiastic team dedicated to not just running a store but creating an immersive consumer experience. Our recruitment process was thorough, incorporating interviews, personality tests, case studies, and even physical training sessions to ensure a perfect fit.


Beyond daily operations, we conduct daily and weekly evaluations, leveraging Slash.ten's extensive retail expertise to drive a motivated team focusing on delivering great KPIs. Our commitment goes beyond the workplace – we organize engaging activities such as workouts, after-work events, and lectures to foster team cohesion and commitment, all in close collaboration with the Aimn brand.


At Slash.ten, we don't just manage stores; we curate unforgettable moments that elevate retail presence for our customers


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