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We increased the customer experience through Daymaker Index with over 100%

The task.

The overall mission was to expose Bavaria, BMW and MINI in a attractive, highly trafficked location in order to increase brand-knowledge and preferences. Through visibility and exposure in this new context a new way to meet new customers earlier in the buying process was established. 

Together with Slash.ten the customer invested in a modern showroom in Stockholm. In the showroom the visitors could experience BMW and MINI in a new way, both the brand and the products.

The results.

Together we built the project were the customer was the main focus all the time. Today almost all research around your next car-purchase goes through digital platforms, and when that happens the car-dealers plays a different role and must find new ways to reach new customers. 

All the way from concept creation and recruiting the stars (what others would call staff) who operated the store, we've focused on a lot of energy, engagement and customer focus. Through unique processes in everything from how create concept, introducing the stars, operation, we increased the brands CX with over 100%.


We increased the CX with 110% through 


We doubled the number of leads to the 
car-dealers from the showroom.

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